Movement that combines

Combi Lift combines superior transport solutions with integrative project and supply chain logistics. We’re always on the move with combinations that excite.

You name it. We move it.

We are more than one. We are a combination of extensive capabilities and qualities, and we find the right combination of solutions for you. From start to finish your challenges with land, air or sea transportation are overcome by our team of logistics masters worldwide.

  • Every project is a well-crafted masterpiece.
  • Every journey is unique.
  • And every end is the beginning of a new logistical challenge.

Your Logistics knowledge partner. We move together with our customers.

Our Offerings

When Combi Lift takes on a project, you get more than a logistics plan with meticulous engineering, you also get a sound and experienced team in tune with the industry and with their customer’s needs. From logistics services and engineering to customs clearance, shipping and delivery, you name it, we move it.

Integrated Project Logistics

The best of the best

We recognize that end-to-end EPC & OEM project logistics is one of the ultimate disciplines in logistics. With specialized heavy and large goods required in tight time and opportune cost windows, only the best of the best can offer reliable solutions. Combi Lift’s global team of experts knows all the players and combinations to successfully manage even the most complex projects under the most adverse conditions from start to finish.

Forwarding Solutions

Masters of performance logistics

From demanding single shipments to end-to-end supply chain journeys, our Forwarding Solutions team masters your challenges, meeting your expectations and those of your customers, too. With our experience gained from many decades of high-performance logistics and our extensive network, we always find the best solutions for the smooth movement of your breakbulk cargo, out-of-gauge goods or standard containerized units.

Project Management

Where every project is a masterpiece

Our project managers bring many years of experience in logistics and industries to our Combi Lift customers. The team is methodical, technically well-versed and organized, and like all our Combi Lift colleagues, they always go the distance to achieve the best possible result for you. Based on available information, they create the best project plan that is flexible enough to adjust on the go.

Project Engineering

And every journey is unique

Transport engineering is another of our core competencies and goes far beyond mere transportation. From feasibility studies, road surveys, and stowage planning to highly complex structural analysis, 3D modeling and motion sensing solutions, our large team of expert project engineers provides top-notch solutions for all possible engineering challenges.