Since its foundation in 2000, Combi Lift has become a leading expert in transporting heavy lift and project cargoes world-wide as well as engineering services. We are a one-stop shop for all kinds of heavy lift transport solutions, particularly door-to-door and multimodal concepts – from the factory to the building site.

With our headquarters at the heart of Harren & Partner Group in Bremen, Combi Lift benefits from a wide scope of expertise. Expert teams work closely with our clients, providing customised solutions that meet the toughest individual demands and expectations.

Our mission

We are a strategic asset based maritime partner, providing seamless door-to-door heavy lift transport solutions to our customers from all major industry sectors by our

  • Team of innovative and experienced professionals for logistics and project management
  • Company group project engineering
  • Shallow draft river tugs and barges concept
  • Company group fleet of heavy lift ships including ro-ro and flo-flo
  • Hydraulic lifting and sliding systems
  • Global partners and supply chain management


Our expertise: Planning, engineering and project execution to ensure

  • Customised and cost effective transport services
  • Precision cargo mobility
  • Your cargo in safe hands
  • Clear and effective communication and tracking throughout the project
  • Quality in every aspect of our work

Our vision

To be recognized as a top tier strategic asset based maritime partner for all major industry sectors, providing quality heavy lift transport solutions, with focus on

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Door-to-door solutions
  • High safety standards
  • Minimizing environmental impacts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Good business ethics
  • Inspirational leadership


Brief history of our company


Combi Lift founds new Forwarding Solutions Division

Combi Lift further expands its service portfolio: The newly founded Forwarding Solutions Division allows customers to benefit from an experienced team with a world-wide network. Led by General Manager Matthias Gross, the new Forwarding Solutions Division consists of three experienced employees specialised in the Non-Containerised Cargo (NCC) segment – pieces and goods that can be transported both with and without the use of special equipment.


Combi Lift to focus on demanding transport solutions

Combi Lift announces its updated market approach: The well-known maritime heavy lift carrier has become a logistics expert for challenging transport solutions. The new dedicated Combi Lift team headed by Heiko Felderhoff and Holger Hinrichs consists of more than 20 experienced logisticians, naval architects and engineers.

“Combi Lift will increasingly focus on demanding logistics challenges beyond the day-to-day business,” explains Combi Lift's new Managing Director Holger Hinrichs. “We are the new one-stop shop for all kinds of heavy lift transport solutions, particularly door-to-door and multimodal concepts – from the factory to the building side.”


Combi Lift Asia is founded

We established Combi Lift Korea in 2015 with help from close business partners in Seoul. Our goal: to serve increasingly important Asian project cargo markets. We believe that a local office staffed by local employees is still the best way to fully understand and cater to the needs of our local clients.


New Combi Lift headquarters are up and running

Heavy lift expert Combi Lift has been handling all operations from its new headquarters in Bremen, Germany since 1 November 2014. After establishing Combi Lift as one of the leading companies for transporting heavy lift and project cargoes, Harren & Partner decided to concentrate all technical and commercial activities of their subsidiary in one office close to the Harren & Partner Group.


Series completed with the delivery of Combi Dock IV

At the beginning of the year, Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven launches the last in a series of four dock ships with the delivery of the MV Combi Dock IV. The Combi Dock freighters represent the largest single order the shipyard has ever received from a German shipping company.


The first dock ship Combi Dock I is handed over

Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven delivers the Combi Dock I, marking a new chapter in Harren & Partner Group's history of innovation. The special tonnage developed in cooperation with K/S Combi Lift will remain something of a novelty for years to come, as this is the first ship to combine the functions of a dock ship with those of a Ro-Ro and heavy lift vessel.


Condock Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft joins the Harren & Partner Group

Harren & Partner acquires the established Hamburg-based company Condock Befrachtungs-Gesellschaft. In addition to gaining extensive chartering expertise, the Harren & Partner Group also get four dock ships as part of the deal - adding another exciting segment to the existing fleet.


H&P Logistics & Engineering is founded

Logistics solutions specialist H&P Logistics & Engineering is founded under the direction of Heiko Felderhoff to meet the growing demand for customised transport solutions for complex heavy lift and project cargo.


Safety and quality management is created

Safety and quality management systems are put in place to ensure the safety and quality of the fleet and its crew and the environment. All vessels belonging to the Harren & Partner Group are certified according to ISM Code requirements and ISPS safety standards.


The joint venture K/S Combi Lift is established

The joint venture K/S Combi Lift is set established to conquer the heavy lift and project cargo market following a long, trusting collaboration in heavy lift cargo shipping with Danish company J. Poulsen Shipping.


Harren & Partner orders the first heavy lift carrier

It's already clear that Peter Harren has no intention of limiting activities to just one segment: The building contract for the MV Palamos, a heavy lift carrier with roll-on/roll-off stern ramp, goes to Peene-Werft and sets the course for a multifunctional fleet.


The Harren & Partner Group is born

After 12 years at sea and completing a degree in business studies at Hamburg University, captain and business graduate Peter Harren starts his own shipping company in 1989. The success story of Harren & Partner begins with the acquisition of the MV Orion III.