We at Combi Lift, see communication as a vital aspect of trust. Our direct, personal relationships with our stakeholders are the keys to our success.

We are headquartered in Bremen – at the heart of the Harren & Partner Group. This simplifies decision-making processes and ensures that we always have the expertise we need at hand.

Combi Lift offers its clients seamless logistics solutions, from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start-up. You name it, we move it.

Customer statisfaction

Combi Lift, as a strategic asset based maritime partner, is committed to conform to the customer‘s demanding needs, by providing seamless door-to-door heavy lift transportation solutions and multimodal concepts.


Combi Lift is committed to complying with all applicable local and global laws, regulations, legislations and The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact: Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Care for its employees and subcontractors

Combi Lift is committed to complying with all applicable local and global occupational health and safety laws, and minimizing injuries by providing safe and healthy work places.

Care for the environment

Combi Lift is committed to complying with all applicable local and global environmental laws and minimizing adverse impacts.


Combi Lift is committed to clear and effective internal and external communication to achieve its objectives.

Continual improvement

Combi Lift is committed to delivering high quality services by adopting innovative ideas, technological solutions and proactive approach in all areas of its business to meet its logistic challenges.

Current services

Our expertise


•    Asset based logistics service provider

•    Project freight forwarding

•    Door-to-door and turnkey concepts

•    Multimodal concepts

•    Optimising project logistics

•    Ocean, river and land transportation

•    Hydraulic lifting and sliding systems

•    Goldhofer axles

•    Materials management

Forwarding Solutions

•    Specialised in the non-containerised cargo (NCC) segment

•    Comprehensive forwarding and supply chain solutions

Project management

•    Well-structured approach

•    Coordinating resources and activities

•    Quality and time control

•    Project controlling and expediting

•    IT management support

•    Project controlling and expediting

Project engineering

•    2D and 3D load planning, technical visualisation and simulation

•    Structural analysis of vehicle and cargo

•    Designing temporary structures

•    Feed studies

•    Risk analysis

•    Site support

•    Method statements

•    Ship consulting

Tug and barge concepts

•    Development and implementation of sophisticated tug and barge concepts

•    Heavy lift transportation in areas with a water depth of up to 1.05 metres

Port construction

•    Vast experience in port and jetty construction

•    Multidisciplinary approaches such as tug and barge waterway concepts

Salvage solutions

•    Worldwide salvage, clean-up and wreck removal services

•    Strong partnership with T&T Salvage

•    Access to special shallow draft OCVs such as MV Blue Giant