We see communication as an essential way of building confidence and trust. Our direct, personal relationships with our stakeholders are the keys to our success. Contact us to submit a request and learn more about our business.


Combi Lift is committed to complying with all applicable and current laws, regulations, legislation, customer needs and any other requirements relating to QHSE aspects and impacts.


Combi Lift commits to adopting a proactive approach to continuously improve all areas of the company's business, and with this commitment to continual improvement, use its management resources in all quality, health, safety and environment issues.


Combi Lift is committed to demonstrating visible and active leadership that involves all employees and service providers, and managing QHSE performance as lines of responsibility with clear authorities and accountability.


Combi Lift is committed to meeting the needs and requirements of our clients while endeavouring to minimize adverse environmental aspects and prevent pollution.


Combi Lift is committed to ensuring that all employees, associates, subcontractors and service providers understand the importance of safe working conditions. Everybody is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues.


At Combi Lift, communication is essential - between departments, fleets, countries and our clients.

Current services

Our expertise


•    Door-to-door concepts

•    Optimising project logistics

•    Hydraulic lifting and sliding systems

•    Materials management

Project management

•    Well-structured approach

•    Coordinating resources and activities

•    Quality and time control

•    Project controlling

Project engineering

•    2D and 3D load planning, technical visualisation

•    Structural analysis of vehicle and cargo

•    Designing temporary structures

•    Risk analysis