Our team of experienced master mariners, naval architects and project managers are setting new standards in maritime transport logistics and project engineering. We provide our customers with comprehensive, yet customised solutions.

Project engineering

We have a dedicated staff of experienced naval architects and master mariners to customise your transport solutions. We can design temporary structures to support your cargo or distribute forces during the voyage if necessary. Our technical capabilities also include state-of-the-art structural analyses of the cargo and vessel, motion response analyses and advanced 3D loading simulations. We also make any vessel modifications needed to make the project happen. We're confident that we can always find a way to solve your transportation issues.

Project management

Our well-structured approach makes sure that we (and our vessels) always deliver in time and on budget. Our documentation always meets your requirements. We work closely with our clients to execute projects in a transparent and communicative manner.


It's our goal to find the best solution for our clients' transportation needs. We can optimise your logistics chain with our vast experience in maritime cargo logistics. We also offer door-to-door concepts and hydraulic skidding for heavy items. Even if you don't need our transportation services, we are glad to be your consultant.


The cranes of our vessels have lifting capacities between 150t and 450t, resulting in a maximum combined lifting capacity of 900t. The vessels are designed for full lifting capacity at low drafts, which means that they can even operate in shallow waters.


Our fleet offers a variety of options to roll your cargo on board. We can suggest a competitive transport solution for your rolling cargo depending on the weight, dimensions and pier height.


We are experts in handling all kinds of floating cargo, and can offer a competitive transport solution with our large variety of vessels. Please also refer to our combined Ro-Ro/Flo-Flo concept with MV Papenburg.


We develop decommissioning concepts in the North Sea, offshore Australia and in the Gulf of Mexico for small offshore oil and gas structures.

Subsea lift

We install and retrieve subsea structures like tidal turbines, FPSO cover plates and others with one of our heavy lift vessels and a suitable mooring or DP concept.